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What is the No Deposit Home Loan Future? Cast your vote here

No Deposit Home Loan Application

Home loans with limited deposit.

Although limited there are options available if you are seeking a home loan and are not able to raise the full 20 percent deposit.

Visit and complete this quick online home loan enquiry form to send us your information.

Each no or low deposit home loan option has positives and negatives and engaging the services of a finance broker who is experienced in finding no or low deposit home loans for first home buyers and property investors will provide a considerable time saving for home loan seekers.Read more

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95 Percent Non Genuine Savings

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First Home Buyers with Non Genuine Savings 95% Home Loan Option

There is an option available to first home buyers with non genuine savings to borrow up to 95 percent of the purchase price and capitalise the mortgage insurance premium.

Use the first home owners grant for your deposit. Use a gift for your deposit or a combination of the grant and a gift.

All applicants must have a clean credit file and stable employment and residential history.Read more

95% LVR Home Loan

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95% Home Loans

  • Yes there are still options.
  • Yes the criteria is strict
  • Zero defaults on your credit file
  • Stable employment
  • Stable residential history
  • Owner occupier only

Why not send all your home loan application information to a finance broker who is able to shop your application around a wide range of banks and lenders and will not cost you a cent extra than if you applied alone?

Home Loan Refinance

Home Loan Refinance - Refinancing your home loan with help from a finance broker. In this current environment of lower interest rates it may be an opportune time for many borrowers to investigate potential benefits of refinancing an existing home loan or investment property loan. Finance BrokerRead more

No Deposit Home Loan availability

Further to our post below, St George Bank, one of the pioneers for the no deposit home loan in Australia, has announced a withdrawal from the no deposit home loan market.

Unlike RAMS last week who emailed us the announcement 2 minutes after the cut off time for new applications St George have announced a cut off date for new no deposit home loans next month early in April.Read more

No Deposit Home Loan Availability

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If you have been thinking about purchasing a home and have no deposit

No Deposit Home Loans are not available

We are seeing lenders exiting the no deposit home loan market on a daily basis and options are running out.

Even with the few remaining options left (Edit: there aren't even a few options left now) it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet what is now required for many applicants and no deposit home loans have become totally unavailable for many prospective home buyers in Australia.Read more

Quick Home Loan Enquiry

Quick Home Loan Enquiry - Use this Page to make a quick enquiry about your home loan requirements. Click each of the links below to open and enter your information before sending, using the submit button and the end of the page.

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